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Rusty Rahm Overcomes Neck Surgery, Returns to Super Boat Racing

Rusty Rahm

Guiding Wake Effects, LLC, Russell "Rusty" Rahm maintains a strong retail and direct marketing presence in the water sports arena. In 2016, Rusty Rahm emerged as a strong contender in Super Boat racing. As a rookie driver and boat owner, he achieved the Superboat Unlimited Class "Triple Crown.”

In November 2016, Rahm suddenly experienced such severe neck pain that he was unable to sleep more than a few minutes each night. Not realizing the seriousness of the situation, he visited a local Kansas City physician and, thinking a cortisone shot might be sufficient to solve the issue, consulted an old family friend, Dr. Michael Janssen.
A longtime Center for Spine and Orthopedics spine surgeon, Dr. Janssen took an MRI and discovered that Rahm’s spinal cord was under severe pressure. This posed a risk for serious nerve and spinal cord injury. Fortunately, Dr. Janssen offered an FDA-approved procedure that combined advanced technologies with the potential for fast recovery.
With the results successful, Rahm was back in the driver’s seat as Super Boat competition commenced, less than two months after his neck surgery.

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