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Rusty Rahm

Russell “Rusty” Rahm has functioned as president and chief executive officer of Subscription Ink, Co., in Shawnee, Kansas, since 1996. As leader of the company, Rusty Rahm oversees virtually all aspects of operation.

Subscription Ink (SIC) provides clients with a variety of technology-driven services in areas of magazine subscriptions and products sales. The organization’s technological innovations are highlighted by a commitment to quality leads generation. With SIC, clients can expect to acquire leads and effectively process potential customer profiles in order to identify individuals most likely to have an interest in specific subscriptions and products. To this end, SIC is also actively seeking to improve and maintain targeted sales technology. Lead generation technology is further enhanced through the company’s established client retention processes.

SIC leadership is committed to innovating operational infrastructure as a way of reducing redundancies and lowering operating costs. To learn more about the company’s technological advances, please visit

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