Entrepreneur Russell “Rusty” Rahm has founded a number of successful companies in the sales, direct marketing, boating, and real estate sectors. Rusty Rahm is also a powerboat racing champion and the proud owner of a 52’ MTI.

The 52’ MTI is a product of Marine Technology, Inc. (MTI), an award-winning and respected manufacturer of performance powerboats that is headquartered in Wentzville, Missouri. Categorized by the company as both a racing and pleasure boat, the 52’ MTI is an extreme powerboat catamaran measuring 52 feet in length and 11.5 feet in width.
The catamaran can be ordered in closed- or open-cockpit configuration. While the closed-cockpit configurations have traditionally been designed for the racing circuit and hold up to four seated occupants, the 52’ closed configuration can comfortably hold up to 6 people. It also has suspension seats and air conditioning to keep the ride comfortable. The open cockpit configuration can seat up to 8 people.
As per Mr. Rahm’s request, his 52 is the first to have a removable hardtop. This allows his boat to be used in all weather conditions, and he can take his family out and enjoy the breeze during the boating season.

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