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Total Disc Replacement in the Neck or Back

Rusty Rahm

An entrepreneur with interests in real estate, retail, and direct marketing, Russell “Rusty” Rahm serves as the CEO of Subscription Ink Co. in Shawnee, Kansas. A champion powerboat racer, Rusty Rahm underwent total disc replacement (TDR) in his spine in March of 2017. Mr. Rahm’s surgery was performed by Dr. Michael Janssen, an accomplished spine surgeon and fellow champion powerboat racer.

TDR is a form of artificial disc replacement (ADR). Found between the spine’s individual bones is a soft cushioning structure known as the disc, which is commonly flexible enough to enable the spine to bend. Pain from a diseased or damaged disc that cannot be satisfactorily reduced through nonoperative means is a general indication for ADR.
TDR is a surgical procedure in which most or all of the disc tissue is removed and replaced with an artificial device. Biopolymer materials, metal, or a combination of both are the usual composition of artificial discs. TDR can be used to replace discs in the neck or lower back.

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